Introducing The Last Chinese Chef’s CULINARY COMPANION, illuminating the ingredients, methods, and meanings behind the world’s greatest cuisine. Curious about the traditional shape of a banquet menu, why moon cakes appear in the fall, or what to do with that strange item from the Chinese grocery? Click here.


A stunning percentage of Hong Kong’s population has been on the streets protesting this year. James Leong, a Hong Kong documentary filmmaker (and the son of Po-Chih, who directed our Night in Shanghai trailer) has been on the streets filming since the beginning. Watch his eye-opening two-part piece for Al-Jazeera.

And don’t miss Daniel Nieh’s outstanding Washington Post op-ed on what’s at stake in the protests.

China’s greatest FOOD CLASSIC—Foreword by Nicole

Published in the 1790s, China’s classic work on gastronomy has never been fully translated into English, until now. Still studied by Chinese chefs and gourmets, Recipes From The Garden of Contentment: Yuan Mei’s Manual of Gastronomy is at last available in English, with Nicole’s Foreword introducing Yuan Mei, the man: cantankerous gastronome, brilliant poet, sexy rascal. Read the Foreword.

Night in Shanghai

The first novel based on the true experiences of African American musicians in the Chinese jazz age—and what happened when World War II exploded around them.


Historical fiction at its best.

— Alan Cheuse, NPR (review)

The Last Chinese Chef

You may know Chinese food; you may even love it. But The Last Chinese Chef will take you into a world of Chinese food you never even knew existed. Here is the hidden universe of one of the world’s great cuisines.

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It’s a love story, it’s a mystery, and it’s also the most thorough explanation of Chinese food that I’ve ever read in the English language.

— Ruth Reichl, NPR

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About Nicole

Kiriyama Prize finalist Nicole Mones began doing business in China in 1977, arriving six weeks after the Cultural Revolution was formally ended. Eighteen years later, she turned to writing about that country. Her novels are now in print in more than 22 languages.